Julie & Magnus is a Danish sibling duo that has performed together since 2012. In the beginning they primarily performed cover-songs, but gradually more and more original material made its way to the stage.


It all began with an intrinsic love for music and Julie & Magnus really just adored playing and singing together. Quickly they realized that there was something about their joined voices that worked well. They have always loved singing harmonies and explore the many possibilities that follow.


When Julie & Magnus perform, their stage presence is the most important element. They perform because they love it and hopefully this joy and passion shines through to the audience. Since 2012 Julie & Magnus have entertained at various venues in Denmark: Strib Vinter Festival, Tjili Pop, Cph Listening Room, Blågårds Apotek, Café Retro and Kulturstationen Vanløse, among other places.


In the spring of 2019, the duo released their first single "Slowmotion", which –­ despite the title – is a song in Danish about the initial encounter between two people: one evening and the following morning.


Now they are out with an EP entitled ”Like Wind In The Trees” that contains six songs in English and one instrumental tune. The themes on the record are many and diverse, but revolve in part around old love, faith in goodness and the desire to be of use. The EP was recorded in Villa Ø.P. Studio and mixed & mastered by Ronni Øhlers Hauptmann, the owner of the studio.


Julie & Magnus’ songs fall within the genres of pop & folk music and several members of their audience have described some tunes as having Irish undertones. Julie & Magnus consider this point of view a big compliment.